Best Suit for Wedding as a Guest

To be the best person, we have to prepare the best things and wear the best clothes we ever had. People will estimate us from our looks, our appearance. If our clothes are not interesting, not respectful, people will underestimate us and not interested to us. That’s why we have to wear the best clothes we have to make people see us not in two-bit impression and not underestimate us.

But there is a situation when we have to choose our best clothes carefully; it is when we get an invitation card to a wedding. Certainly we have to wear best suit for wedding, but we also be careful so our best suit won’t surpass the wedding suit of the groom. Wedding suit of groom usually consists of a shirt, a long pant, a vest, a coat, and a tie. If the wedding is held at a beach, the groom possible wears a simple suit. We have to anticipate the groom’s wedding suit before we decide to wear our best suit for wedding.Best Suit for Wedding Best Suit for Wedding Guest

If the wedding is at a beach, choose our best suit for wedding but the simplest one. A long thin pant with a short sleeved thin shirt is enough. A knitted sweater vest will make us look nice and more charming. Don’t need to wear a tie, perhaps the groom himself is not wears a tie. But if the wedding is held inside a building, the groom perhaps wear a formal wedding suit; it can be modern or traditional. To anticipate this thing, we can wear a shirt, long pant, and a vest only. Make sure that our best suit for wedding is not so excessive so people’s attention will be given to us and not to the groom. This thing is also be valid for women. Be careful in selecting the dress or suit for women to a wedding. Don’t make the bride feels lose because of our best dress.