Casual Style and Hair Style Jessica Alba

Style is a part of human’s secondary need that can be fickle according to the advancement of era or someone’s desire to change his/her style. Style is visible from someone’s clothing, language, habits, and the others. Everybody is able to create their own style from their habits to eat, wearing clothes, their way to talk, and the other aspect of life that’s different with the other people. In every year, there will be new styles that are popular and replace the old styles.  And there are many trend setters that will also influence people’s styles. Jessica Alba is one of many trend setters who are followed by many women.

We will see some ideas about style Jessica Alba such as her hair style and her casual style. Now, let us begin with casual style Jessica Alba. Casual style is a style that’s created from some casual clothes that are worn at once and there is no formal outfit although it is just one. Casual style Jessica Alba is identical with legging. Jessica looks younger in her legging with long and loose top. For example, you can see Jessica in her legging and tunic. She looks more stylish with her accessories.Instyle Jessica Alba Fashion Jessica Alba

About hair style Jessica Alba, she ever tried some different hair styles. For formals, Jessica’s hair style is about updo hair style or side ponytail hair style. For her casual, Jessica lets her hair hanging loosely. You can also imitate her style by applying different hair style for different occasions. Or you can just color your hair with hair dyes and make your hair looks different from usual. Jessica Alba is a trend setter, you are allowed to imitate her style and it will be great if you can expand the style you get from her. Besides Jessica Alba, there are the other actresses you can imitate such as Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, and the others.