Clothes for Smart Casual Look Men

Casual style is a styles that’s enables you to wear anything you want. Casual style will be created from many in-formal clothes that are worn at once. If you want to create casual style, you are not allowed to wear anything that’s looks formal (such as tie, suit, and the others) although just one. Casual style is identical with jeans pant and T shirts. About the footwear, many people would like to wear sneakers. But jeans, T shirts, and sneakers are not the only clothes that will create casual style because there are many casual outfits that will help men get casual style.

If you are used to wear T shirts over your jeans pant, you can consider wearing the other shirt to create new casual look men. For example, you can wear plaid shirt as the substitute of T shirt. Or you can wear long sleeved shirt over your jeans pant and then cover it with a sweater vest to create friendly casual look men.Men`s Casual Style

The other style is about smart casual look men that will be created from casual and formal clothes. To get smart casual look men, you need to wear long dark colored jeans pant that’s looks neat and for the top you can wear shirt that’s covered by coat like pea coat, leather jacket, blazer, or long coat. This smart casual look men is good for mature men.Smart Casual Look for Men

For the shoes, sneakers and loafers are the best for young men. While best shoes with casual look men for mature men are boots, leather shoes, and the other shoes that look cool. Some accessories like wrist watch, hat, sunglasses, belt, and necklace are able to perfect your casual look men and smart casual look men. Don’t be scared to mix match your clothes and watch yourself in front of the mirror because it helps you see if your style is perfect or not.