Impressions of Teen in High Heels

Teenagers are young people who are still labile. Teenage girls especially always want to be the best. They will do anything that will make them become the best one. About fashion and style, those teenage girls want to be the most fashionable one especially when they are going to meet the boy they love. Yes, they will choose their best clothes, shoes, and accessories to beautifying themselves and set their hair style as gorgeous as possible; with a hope the boy they love will watch them. To support those girls, many fashion houses providing many fashion stuffs that are very attractive. One of those fashion stuffs is high heel shoes.

Do you know what will people think when they see teen in high heels? There are many impressions that will present from your high heel shoes. You can set those impressions by wearing high heel shoes with correct clothes. For example, if you want to look cool when you hang out, you can consider cowboy style or equestrian style that you will get by wearing skinny pant, loose top, and also high heel boots.75031PCN_Miller

But if you are going to attend a party, you have to make sure that your high heel shoes are suitable with your dress and able to represent elegance on your style. People will automatically think that you are elegant when they see teen in high heels. To attend a party, you can choose between 5cm heeled shoes, 7cm heeled shoes, or 12cm heeled shoes. No matter how high the heel of the shoes you want, make sure that it is not wedges. High heel shoes with spikes are better than wedges to accompany you to attend a party.Teen with High Heels

While for hang out with your mini dress, wedges are the best. Wedges easier you to step and keep you feel comfortable along your day. Teen in high heels has many impressions according to the kinds of high heels they wear.