Nicole Richie Outfits Inspirations for Teenage Girls

Outfit is one of three human’s principle commodities besides residence and food. We need our outfits to cover and protect our body and genitals. Yes, the main function of clothes or outfits is to wrap our body. But nowadays, many outfits are designed with another function, to make the wearer look fashionable. Some outfits like shorts are designed for people who want simplicity and for girls who want to appear sexily. By combining right outfits, we will be able to appear trendily and fashionably. If you have no idea about how to combine your outfits, you just need to watch some celebrities who are great in mix and matching their outfits. Watch Nicole Richie outfits for example, see what you will get from her outfits and styles.

Nicole Richie who is a designer is able to create new styles with Nicole Richie outfits. For you who love simplicity, first style of Nicole Richie outfits is the best choice; she looks so simple with her short pant and a blouse in same color. But for the complements and accessories like belt and shoes, Nicole chooses the other color to make it looks not too simple.Nicole Richie Style

Some girls think they will not be able to be a fashionable girl without accessories on their clothes. Watch the second picture of Nicole Richie outfits and the accessories. She wears a mini dress that’s perfected by a legging and a jeans jacket. For the complements, Nicole chooses boot shoes, scarf, bag, and sunglasses, all in same color. This way makes her look simple but fashionable. Is this suitable for you?Nicole Richie Outfits Tumblr

Last style of Nicole Richie outfits is suitable for girls who love wearing skinny pants. Skinny pant will always look matches with long and loose tops. Look at Nicole’s last picture above. Her black skinny jeans are perfected with long shirt and cardigan. Some accessories that are chosen carefully will also make your skinny jeans style looks more stylish.