Shoes and Shirt with Skinny Jeans Men

Skinny jeans are the favorite of many girls. A skinny jean pant is able to shows the wearer’s body indentations and sexiness. This jeans pant is very suitable for slim women or petite women. Plus size women will look bad with skinny jeans pant because their fat will be visible. Nowadays, skinny jeans pants are not only for girls or women. Many skinny jeans pants are also designed for men and teenage boys. Girls usually wear their skinny jeans pant with long and or loose tops. What about men? What shirt with skinny jeans men that is suitable?

Just like girls, men should wear a top that’s looks perfect to balance skinny jeans pant. Loose tops like loose shirt with skinny jeans men are a good top. Don’t enter the end of shirt into your skinny jeans pant; although it is neat it won’t make you look trendy. Long shirt is also good to make your skinny jeans pant looks perfect. If you dislike wearing long shirt, you can wear any shirt you want then cover it with long coat. Long coat is being trendy in Asian, it is usually worn by young people both men and women. Wear it over your shirt and skinny jeans pant and see how trendy you will be.Skinny Jeans for Big Men What Shirt to Wear with Skinny Jeans

No matter what shirt with skinny jeans men you wear, you also have to choose best footwear. Sneakers are good choice with T shirts. While for your plaid western shirt and skinny jeans pant, cowboy boots will look so cool and masculine. Loafers and the simplicity are also good selections for you who love simple things. Which one do you prefer? Maximize your casual style with some accessories like belt, hat, sunglasses, and the other accessories you own. Watch yourself in the mirror and make sure everything is perfect before you leave.