Skinny Jeans and White Shirt on Guy

Skinny jeans are the favorite of many girls. A skinny jean pant is able to shows the wearer’s body indentations and sexiness. This jeans pant is very suitable for slim women or petite women. Plus size women will look bad with skinny jeans pant because their fat will be visible. Nowadays, skinny jeans pants are not only for girls or women. Many skinny jeans pants are also designed for men and teenage boys. Girls usually wear their skinny jeans pant with long and or loose tops. What about men? What will men look like with skinny jeans and white shirt on guy?

Skinny jeans and white shirt on guy will look masculine if it is completed with leather jacket. Leather jacket in same color with the pant, black for example, makes white shirt looks masculine. For the shoes and accessories like belt, the color should same but darker than the color of jacket and pant.Skinny Jeans and White Shirt for Men

Another way to create trendy style with skinny jeans and white shirt on guy is cover the shirt with cardigan. Cardigan makes women and girls look stylish, especially if their cardigan’s color is chosen carefully and combined well with the outfits. You can do the same thing. Choose a cardigan with your skinny jeans pant and white shirt. Make sure that the color of cardigan, white shirt, and skinny jeans pant are combined well. For the accessories like hat, sunglasses, hat, shoes, and the others, their color should also in same scheme to create balance style with the skinny jeans and shirt.Skinny Jeans and White Shirt on Guy

With white shirt, the color of skinny jeans pant can be dark blue, light blue, black, or the other else you want. Due to white shirt has neutral color, you can choose any other color to be worn with your white shirt. Have you think about what accessories you will wear with skinny jeans and white shirt?