Skinny Nicole Richie Style or the Curvy One?

Nicole Camille Richie is 31 years old actress, designer, and charity from USA. As a designer, Nicole Richie always creates new designs, models, and styles of clothes you can find in internet. Nicole Richie herself always wears her clothes, then mix and match them becomes trendy and stylish clothes that are match for her. Nicole Richie was a beautiful woman in her curvy body and suddenly she becomes a very tiny woman with very light in weight of her body. What happen to her?

People said that Nicole was anorexic, that’s why she lost her weight and becomes a very tiny woman. There is pro and contra about this. Some people who want to be slim try to imitate skinny Nicole Richie style. Are you included in those people? Let us see some comparisons between skinny Nicole Richie and curvy Nicole Richie. And you can decide which style you want to imitate.Thin Nicole Richie

Look at the pictures of skinny Nicole Richie and curvy Nicole Richie. Privately, I prefer the style of ideal Nicole Richie or curvy Nicole Richie to skinny Nicole Richie. It is because with curvy body, we can show our body indentations that will make people see our body’s beauty and compliment us. With curvy body we can wear any cloth we want and like without worrying our appearance because curvy bodies will always matches with many types of clothes.Anorexia Nicole Richie

Conversely, skinny Nicole Richie looks so weird in her clothes. Her loose clothes looks worse in her tiny body and it can’t show her body’s indentations because her body is flat, you can’t find any indentation there. Is it beautiful? I don’t think so. Actually, it is okay to diet and try to get slim body. But don’t be too extreme and intentionally break of too much of your weight. Love your body and dress it with beautiful clothes and healthy food for your health now and in future.