Style of Wearing Clothes for Men

Many fashion houses design plenty fashionable clothes just for women and girls. This is because women’s and girls’ clothes are much more than men’s. Women have many kinds of clothes like dress, skirts, various tops, and many others that men don’t have. Therefore, just a little number of fashion houses provides clothes for men. Although there is lower quantity of clothes for men, there are still many ways to create fashionable styles by combining some clothes. This requires men to have high creativity and imaginations so they can get fashionable styles by themselves. Let us see how men can create fashionable style of wearing clothes for men.

Although the kinds of men’s clothing are not too much, there are many styles men can get from their clothes. For example, formal style of wearing clothes for men will be created if men wear their several formal clothes at once. A straight cut long pant with a long sleeves shirt, a vest (optional), and a coating in same color with the long pant will create a classy formal style. While a jeans pant with a T shirt or another kind of shirt is enough to help men get casual style.Style of Wearing Clothes for Men Men`s 80`s Clothing Style

Another style of wearing clothes for men is 80’s style for men that will created from several bright colored clothes. Due to this year’s trend color is bright colors it is easy for men to create 80’s style. They just need to wear several layers of clothes in bright colors either plain or with motifs. Cowboy style will present when a man wears his long jeans pant and plaid shirt or jeans shirt, a cowboy hat, and a pair of cowboy boots. Get equestrian style by wearing skinny pant with skinny shirt and long coat. High boots that are wrapping the beneath of skinny pant and a scarf on the neck will consolidate the equestrian style.