Styles Created from Skinny Jeans and Boots for Men

Skinny jeans are the favorite of many girls. A skinny jean pant is able to shows the wearer’s body indentations and sexiness. This jeans pant is very suitable for slim women or petite women. Plus size women will look bad with skinny jeans pant because their fat will be visible. Nowadays, skinny jeans pants are not only for girls or women. Many skinny jeans pants are also designed for men and teenage boys. Girls usually wear their skinny jeans pant with long and or loose tops. What about men? With what clothes skinny jeans and boots for men can be worn for men?

Skinny jeans and some right outfits will create some casual styles like cowboy style or western style and horse riding style or equestrian style. How to get those styles with skinny jeans pant? Skinny jeans and boots for men will help you to get those two styles. First is cowboy style or western style. This style needs a skinny jeans pant that the ends can be inserted into your cowboy boots. Then for the top you can wear a long sleeved plaid shirt which the end is inserted into your skinny jeans pant. Or you can wear a skinny V neck shirt and cover it with leather jacket.Cowboy Boots and Skinny Jeans Skinny Jeans and Boots for Men

For the second style, horse riding or equestrian, skinny jeans and boots for men will look great under a skinny shirt inside a long coat. Just like the first style, insert the ends of your skinny jeans pant into a knee length boots. For equestrian style, choose the skinny jeans pants in soft or pale colors like beige, cream, and tan. While for the western or cowboy style, wear the skinny jeans in dark or light colors like light blue or dark blue. For the accessories, hat and short scarf is good for both.