Traditional Arab Clothing for Men

Arab is a country where most people are Muslim. Those Arabian people are used to wear closed clothing to obey a Muslim norm that’s requires Muslim people to cover their genitals. We ever talked about Arabian clothing for women, now we will see some information about traditional Arab clothing that’s usually worn by Arabian men. Although we will see about traditional Arab clothing, these clothes are still worn for daily nowadays. If you are interested, you can try to visit Arab and get the clothes you want there.

First traditional Arab clothing for men is Thawb. Thawb is a standard men’s clothing in Saudi Arabia. Thawb is a long top that has long sleeves. When wearing thawb, men usually also wear long pant in white color as the complement. Arabian men are used to wear a color for all clothes in each season. In summer, Arabian men wear white colored thawb with white colored pant, while in winter they wear thawb in dark colors like black, dark brown, and the other else. Perhaps they understand that bright color is better for summer.Traditional Arab Clothing MenTraditional Arab Clothing for Men

Beside thawb, second traditional Arab clothing is mishlah. Mishlah is a traditional long rope that’s usually worn after thawb. Mishlah is not worn everyday but only for formal season likes for wedding or religious meeting. Mishlah usually made of cotton, wool, and the other fabrics. The colors of mishlah are available in many selections. To complete their mishlah and thawb, Arabian men are used to wear a rimless cap. It is a headdress that the other function is to cover men’s head. This is also a symbol that the wearer is Mulim. But this can be worn by all people who want to wear it. Besides traditional Arab clothing you read above, there are still many other traditional Arab clothes you can find.