Women’s Wedding Suit for Wedding Alternative Way

There is a period when a couple of a boy and a girl who have been together will be united and create a new life. This period named wedding. Yes, on a wedding day, a boy and a girl will be united and they create a new family. For this very special day, the boy, girl, and their families have to prepare many important things such as the wedding theme, wedding invitations, wedding location and time, and the most important is wedding clothes for the groom and bride. Wedding dress is available in many designs. But for women who don’t want to wear wedding dress, there is an alternative wedding cloth.

Beside wedding dress, there is another wedding cloth women can consider; it is women`s wedding suit. Wedding suit for men usually consist of long pant, vest, and coat in same color, a shirt, and a bow tie. But for bride, women`s wedding suit is divided into three kinds. First women`s wedding suit is a wedding suit that’s consists of short or long skirt, and a blouse. The blouse and skirt has same color, it is usually white but the bride can choose the color according to their desire.Women`s White Wedding SuitWedding Suit Designs for Women

Second type of women`s wedding suit is consists of a short dress with jacket. The jacket can be a bolero, long coat, and even blazer. Opened jacket shows the short dress and creates stylish impression. Last women`s wedding suit is a suit that’s consists of long pant, a shirt, and a coating. This suit looks resembled with groom’s wedding suit. Generally, women`s wedding suit is worn by more mature women. You are free to choose wearing women’s wedding dress or women`s wedding suit on your wedding later. Just make sure before that the cloth you wear for your wedding is suitable with the wedding theme and looks compact with the groom’s suit.