Different Styles of Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci Men Belts

Belt is usually worn by men and women to tighten their pant or skirt. But actually, the function of belt is not only to tighten pants and skirts, but also as an accessory for our clothes. There are two types of belts, the first is formal belt and the second if trendy belt for casual clothes. Formal belt is a belt that’s usually made of leather in formal style and it is used to be worn with suit for men and over the uniform. Trendy casual belt is usually used not to tighten up the pant but as a sweetener for our style.

Some fashion houses like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and the others produce belts in formal and trendy styles to fulfill customers’ necessary who are business men and young people. Each fashion house has its own designs of the belts collections. Gucci men belts for example, there is a buckle in each belt that’s shapes G for Gucci. By wearing a belt with G buckle, people will think we are wearing Gucci men belts. So when you wear fake Gucci men belts with G buckle at the front, people won’t realize it. The design of Gucci men belts are more stylish and look more casual then the other belts.Prada Men Belts Louis Vuitton Men Belts

Compared with Gucci men belts, Prada belts for men are designed more elegant. Prada belts for men that are made of shiny leather looks very elegant. Besides Prada and Gucci men belts, Louis Vuitton men belts are also a good choice. Louis Vuitton belts for men and women have LV buckle that makes the belt looks trendier and identical with casual styles. So you can buy trendy Louis Vuitton and Gucci men belts for your casual clothing styles and buy Prada belts for men for your formal clothing styles.

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