Jeans Straight Cut for Pear Body Typed Women

Casual style is a styles that’s enables you to wear anything you want. Casual style will be created from many in-formal clothes that are worn at once. If you want to create casual style, you are not allowed to wear anything that’s looks formal (such as tie, suit, and the others) although just one. Casual style is identical with jeans pant and T shirts. About the footwear, many people would like to wear sneakers. About the jeans pant, there are many types of jeans pant such as skinny jeans, flared jeans, straight cut jeans, and the other else. We will see some information about jeans straight cut now.

Jeans straight cut pant is a pant that’s the cutting style is straight from the top to the beneath. Men who wear jeans pant in straight cut looks masculine and cool. With this straight cut blue jeans pant, you can try wearing plaid shirt or jeans shirt and a pair of cowboy boots. And then complete it with cowboy hat and a scarf. This combination of clothes will create western style that’s also recognized as cowboy style. Not only for men, jeans straight cut pant and its western style is also great for girls.Straight Cut Jeans for Men Straight Cut Jeans Women

For women and girls with pear body type, jeans straight cut are good choice. Pear body typed women usually have wide hip and thigh. Different with apple body type, this pear body type has small shoulder and breasts and wide parts are the beneath part. Jeans straight cut will help pear body typed women to create an illusion or silhouette that makes the wearer looks taller. This also makes the people be focused on the top part of the wearer’s body. Choose dark colored jeans straight cut like black, dark grey, dark navy, or brown that will help creating slimming effect. For the top, you are free to wear everything you want to wear.