Boots is a type of footwear or shoes that’s used to cover our ankle to knee, accord with the length. Some boots are able to cover our legs to the thighs, this kind of boots named thigh high boots or knee high boots. The other one is able to cover our ankles only, it named ankle boots. Boots usually worn by women and men to cover their legs in fall and winter, but nowadays boots become popular and able to make our appearance looks fashionable.

So many women and girls love wearing boots in all seasons. Although there are many fashionable boots are available, women and girls who want to wear boots, should be creative in mix match their boots with their clothes. Here are some ideas about women wearing boots and right clothes to help you find your best style. With different boots, you can wear different clothes and get different styles.Women in Boots and Skirts

You can go work or go everywhere you want with mini dress or mini skirt. A blouse with mini skirt and a mini dress insider a blazer will look good for work if you wear long stocking and high boots. Women wearing boots, especially high boots, with mini dress or skirt look sexy but elegant. To increase the elegance, you can choose a pair of boots that are made of leather.Women Wearing Cowboy Boots

Ankle boots are the best boots you can choose to be worn with your summer outfits. A short summer dress with a denim jacket will look very cool if you wear a pair of ankle boots that’s comfort. And you will look stylish with cowboy style by wearing plaid shirt, a skinny jeans pant that’s inserted into your cowboy boots. No matter what is the kind of boots, women wearing boots and right clothes will look charming and interesting.