Clothing designer

Clothing designer – Who are they?

As the world gets beauty conscious, the elite want to wear specially designed and different looking cloths and accessories. Clothing designers who cater to the demands of the cloths conscious public have to come up with made to order and totally different sort of range, that is attractive and trend setting, and stands out and gets the applause on the cat walk. The clothing designer has to continuously come up with cloths for every season, and for every sort of pocket and keeping in mind day and night wear is to be presented separately. And the clothing designer has to add accessories from swim wear to sun glasses to hand bags, in fact he cannot miss any apparel. The clothing tags are generally the billboard to fashion world. Just think of each major designer there, and branded “insignia” comes in your mind. You can’t move ahead in the production without the fabric clothing tag.

Clothing Types To Select From

Clothing designer

Clothing designers

You will find two major forms of the item of clothing labels: woven and printed. The printed fashion labels actually are prepared from ribbons, which are cut, heat printed, cured, and if would like get, folded.


  • Get particulars of work captured.
  • With proceeds in the clothing technology, there are a few manufacturers can print out photographs, writing, shading and shadow and color ascents.
  • This totally depends on the manufacturer and shorter time.

In other words, there are a few manufacturers that have complete capability to print DaVinci on the clothing label!

Cons: Might lose color with time with the frequent hot washing & dryer use. Can have the confines for the ribbon shade and depending on makers

The woven clothing labels are all woven based on the condition for an artwork.