girl in a fur coat

Baby fashion. Winter 2014

Baby fashion quite often reflects a fashion for adults. It’s not a big secret for anybody, because kids like to follow their parents in every single action and look like mum or dad. Some fashionable parents prefer to wear their baby in the same style and colors they wear themselves.

Trendy babies’clothes for winter 2014

Let’s have a look what’s in trend for babies this winter. The collection is very rich, mixes different styles and interesting details.

  • Fur: warm, fashionable, looks great. Fur is really fantastic for such things for baby boys and girls as hats, coats, muffs, trimming for shoes, bags. Imagine a mum and a girl in the fur coats and accessories of the same style. Looks gorgeous!
  • Knitted clothes Is in fashion again! One can wear these great items everywhere. Knitted jumpers and cardigans match children greatly. Buy some different ones for your little one to feel warm. Trendy pictures are different stripes, geometrical shapes like cones and rhombs.
  • Denim is always in fashion. Everybody enjoys jeans, especially kiddies. This time fashion gives them jeans with various elements – fringe and studs, lace and crystals. Your children can wear this awesome piece of closing with nearly any top.
  • Prints. Life of closing would be boring without prints. This winter the most popular ones are polka dots and stripes. The baby clothes designers also added to this list bold prints, various statements and embroidery.
  • A hat can make your baby’s image, especially in cold winter. Hats, fur and knitted, with appliqués and bold prints are in style.

boy in a hat near the river

What about a color?

This winter fashion is similar for grown ups and babies again. The same colors are trendy. They are natural ones: gray, steel, brown, also classical black and white. As all the children like bright closing, they may also enjoy pink, purple, orange and fuchsia. Contrasting colors is the latest tendency. Before the fashion for kids was based on sone color palette. Now everything has changed in this area. You should make an accent on one particular bold element and then create an image around this element. If the colors are contrasting it is even better.

Just a short note – please don’t think that fashion is only for girls. Boys are usually more difficult to talk with. But if you are parents of a boy, think about what boys like to wear – military style, jumpers with bold prints, velvet coats, grunge jeans. All those are in trend. You do not have to force your son to wear something trendy at all, cause fashion is children friendly now. Hope all this information and advise will help you to wear your kids in fashion!