5 women in trendy clothes

Colors trends of upcoming 2014’s spring season

The new wave of 2014’s spring brings us a variety of earthy, pastel and ocean blue colors showing a fresh mood of the season. This spring colors of artistic and emotional quality take the first place. Such palette allows experimentation and creativity. Fashion forecasting agencies predict that new season spring colors will take shape around both sensual and serene themes.

Bright and pastel

Intense and hot color palette will match trendy fabrics like satin and crepe. The serene blues resembling sky and ocean will remind us about beauty in simplicity that are so often found in nature, just wait for the beginning of spring 2014 and you will see that it is nature that inspired designers this time! Nature, simple and beautiful will bring every fashionista into spotlight with ease. The other notable upcoming trend in color is contrast and texture. It’s a line coming between natural material and technical attitude featuring all kind of combinations. “This meets that” – you can call it a credo of spring 2014, so don’t be afraid to become an artist of your own when matching colors and tones, fabrics and textures of your dress. Besides everything naturally coming together will also find their place this spring. Earth, leaves, patches, greenery, natural fabrics such as cotton, silk-cotton or linen and wooden accessories will take its place in trends. In the pastel section of this spring’s palette gemstones and minerals set off a magic alchemy of tones. Choosing pastel tones you can go with transparent materials and many layers of fabric. Long skirts and romantic dresses are the best in this tone category of air smoothness.

4 women in trendy spring clothes

Experiment with color

Some trendy color combos already made a blast on podiums of Europe and US in spring/summer 2014 collections of top fashion designers, these are ceremonial oranges, cultural blues, digital neutrals, ecological greens, homely browns, natural yellows, recreational chambrays and romantic pinks. As you can see in today’s fashion and trends there is no rights or wrongs, nothing is so clear and there’s no specific one line given attention to. The individual and the crowd – both are free in their choice, both are given space for creativity. The boundaries separating cultures and countries are blurred and it’s clearly visible in color trends of 2014. It’s an evolution of color combinations, all-new and traditional at the same time, so be courageous enough to give a spark of freedom and experiment in your spring 2014 look.