woman in a flower print dress

Dresses We Will Wear in 2014

New and Almost New Trends

Fashion designers have prepared a lot of pretty things for us to wear the next year. Floral patterns, pastels, and pleats will be the staples. Make sure to grab a trendy must-have that will make you look pretty, girlish and stylish!

Floral prints

You will have a wide range to choose from. Bold floral prints, 3D flowers, appliques, jewel encrusted posies, and phytotomy – go ahead and pick the right one for you. Mary Katrantzou’s and Christopher Kane’s dresses won’t let you pass by.


Pastel dresses pumped up with palettes of spearmint, germolene, and Parma-violet is the best choice for you.


Pleated dresses will be in fashion. Ombre’d effects, foiled finishes, exquisite fabrics won’t make you look like a schoolgirl but make the dress charming and elegant.

Mullet dress

Hollywood celebrities often show up wearing mullet dresses at parties, new productions and ceremonies. Antonio Berardi has transformed this dress into cocktail party outfit adding a sweater.

Matching patterns

The print on your dress must match the one on your shoes and bag. In case you don’t have matching patterns you can wear different prints.

Single shoulder

Single shoulder dresses are becoming more popular. The next year you’ll see batches of single shoulder dresses as well as shirts, sweaters and vests.


You will come across a lot of dresses with printed logos or words (e. g. Kane, Alex Wang, Dior dresses, etc.).

Geometric prints and ethnic patterns

There will be a wide variety of dresses with geometric and ethnic patterns, so choose the one that suits you best. It will be perfect choice for a lawn party as well as going to the cinema.

Neon dresses

Neon dresses are perfect for summer as they make contrast with tanned skin. They date back to 1980s and are becoming more popular these days.

woman in a floral print dress

New Fabric Trends

Frayed denim

This is probably the most astonishing update. Shredded denim dress brings a hint of street. It is a perfect piece of stylish girl’s wardrobe.

Sheer fabric

Light sheer fabric dresses will complement your summer wardrobe perfectly.

Little black dress

Black dresses will probably be always is fashion. Summer black dress is made of sheer or other light fabric. Slip into this classical outfit and do not put on a lot of accessories and you will always look exquisite and elegant.