man in cocktail suit

Cocktail attires for men

Sometimes, when receiving an invitation to an event, one also gets a puzzling problem – a dress code. Most often they are divided in formal and informal, but in fact there are also semi-formal ones. Answering the demands of the dress code means a lot in high life. It is truly the matter of reputation and respect. Nobody wants to disgrace themselves during the official event.

Cocktail dress code actually is not completely formal. It can be diversified with details, color and accessories for more or less formal events. Cocktail attire is rather semi-formal style, which has certain (and strict ones) rules, but also allows flight of fancy. There are plenty of long dresses for women, but what should men wear when the dress code is the Cocktail?

Cocktail clothing

This dress code demands wearing suit with a tie, but tuxedo truly is too much. It is better to choose elegant light suits. If the event is a daily one, the colors should be light and neutral: grey, beige or other pastels. However, it is commonly decided that dark colors and mid grey are the best ones for the Cocktail attire.
A shirt should be matching the suit. Light colors look nice during cocktail events. White color is ideal for the most cases of any dress codes, actually, so when there is no other choice, it will work out perfectly. The shirt must not have any vivid patterns, as the Cocktail attires do have traits of formality.
As for the tie it also should be solid. However, it doesn’t necessarily has to repeat the color of the suit or shirt, but can make some extravagant (yet, modest) contrast. The bow-tie is not really appropriate for the Cocktail dress code.

man in a suit of gray colour

Cocktail dress code accessories

An elegant pocket square will look very stylish and it should not be matching with the tie. Although, the general rule for choosing its color is blending it with shirt. Pocket square is not obligatory for less formal Cocktail dress codes anyway.
Leather dress shoes are going to look marvelously with the cocktail attire. The color should not stand out and what is even more important – shoes must be perfectly polished. Short and colorful sport socks are absolutely inadmissible.
The suit should be accompanied by a leather belt of matching color. Belt itself is already a visible adornment, so one better be careful with other complimenting accessories. In addition to watches, there may also be a ring or any other accessory, but only one. The less – the better, when it comes to contrasting or extravagant details. It is important to remember that no matter how freely “Cocktail dress code” sounds, it is still a style code. And it is to be followed in order to look dressed tastefully.