Getting in vogue: chic interior of 2014

Getting in vogue: chic interior of 2014

Do not get mislead by a common understanding of a word “fashion”. It applies to more than new clothes and high-heeled shoes. The interior people live in influences of all the aspects of their lives, as it is something that creates an atmosphere where one falls asleep and wakes up. A house where guests are always welcome just has to be embellished after the latest fashion tendencies. Nobody wants to pass for dowdy, really. So what are the latest things in home interior fashion around the world for the year 2014?

Going into colorful details

No more dull neutral colors! This year demands some glow indoors. Bright vivid colors are the main trend in design. What is especially nice about it is that any Day-Glo details will perfectly match one-color dim walls. For example, dark or neutral background should have a company of furniture of bright contrast colors. It is just the right time to be brave in experiments and finally add some ruby or turquoise in life. Neon lights are also very popular in home interiors. Glowing picture or a silhouette, one plain symbol or graffiti are coming from a trend, which returned into fashion already some time ago – rock-‘n’-roll. Being a bad boy or a naughty girl is definitely in vogue today!
If a glowing picture is just a little bit too much, than colored glass may be the good choice. The easiest way is to buy vases of different vivid colors and place them around the house. Such things do not only look nice, but they also have practical value. Ergonomics is also a tendency that is not going to disappear anytime soon, as nowadays chic interior is a comfortable one. However, glass may be used for anything, even for walls and doors – it only has to be safe for everyone.

wooden statuettes of animals

Animalistic features

Animals are all the vogue in interior design in 2014. Sometimes odd-looking, but more just cute and fluffy furs or sheep skin tend to be the best ways of creating cozy and warm atmosphere. Those may be the coverlets, padded stools, carpets or any other textile items.
Don’t really like furs? Not the problem! Statuettes of animals and birds are also on top. If made from natural materials like wood or stone they follow another tendency, which sprang up during previous years and kept it is head up until today – artisanal goods and furniture. The choice what animal to introduce a home fashion is absolutely up to one’s tastes – would it be a little kitten or a bird of prey… both will work out perfectly! It’s not that difficult to make the place cozy and fashionable at the same time.