Home decorating trends in 2014

Home decorating trends in 2014

Fresh trends are coming not into your wardrobes, but also in your homes. It is interesting to focus on fashionable home decorations and see what’s trendy in 2014.


This year brings vintage items, paintings in urban style and brass accesoiries.

  • Paintings in “urban nostalgia” style. As everything around us is constantly changing, people often want to capture some particular moments. One can meet this style in paintings by popular artists, such as Carolyn Meyer and Jhina Alvarado. In their works great metropolises like New York stop for a while.
  • Some artists call 2014 the year of “renaissance of the reinvention”. It is popular to transform various vintage pieces with the help of such materials as malachite, tortoise, faux bois, gilding and get new special art pieces.
  • Brass is a fashionable element. Brass decorations are bright and full of light. Such decor elements can be on any interior item in your room.

Trendy styles

The year 2014 home fashion offers you serenity in hone decor, versatility, color combination and knotty wooden elements.

  • Versatility in rooms is a really hot trend. Designers note, that people are not really interested in ideal rooms. If you are going to move an item there, you’ll ruin everything. It’s valuable to have such a room that grows with you over the years. Versatility is offered by a neutral scheme- black, white or taupe. Then goes the layering of textures – for example soft billowy drapery; glass accent tables; a silk wool rug; mirrors, antiqued silver or gold is expressed in table lamps and vases. Such kind of room is versatile and trendy.
  • The fashion of decoration chooses an interesting color combination this year. Palette pairings combine dark colors as inky blue, green or purple clear exciting hues as pink, orange or yellow. Such combination is very dynamic and makes your room optimistic-looking and unusual.
  • Knotty wooden elements is an interesting trend. Such popular and expensive woods like white oak and walnut often used for cabinetry will be more competitive in the less expensive knotty version. This version has more personality and looks as a fresh idea.
  • Serenity is a trend that ideally goes with previous one, knotty wooden elements. A trendy room for relaxation has warm wooden elements, serene blue colors in decoration and refined textures. Natural materials that reference to earth, sea and sky express tranquillity and balance.

trendy drawing room for relaxation

  • Holistic design of your flat or house. Choose different items for your kitchen or bedroom in the same style to create integrity.

Knowing these decorating trends, you can use them in your house or flat and get a fashionable home in 2014.