Hottest winter 2014 trends for women’s jackets

This winter is rich with various clothing ideas. Lots of famous designers launched their own collections. In every collection a fashionable lady can find a jacket which is beautiful, practical and can boast an advanced style.

Typical characteristics of trendy jackets

You should be interested in fashion’s new images. Let’s focus on main trendy ideas which are going to meet you.

  • Jackets with sleek cut is one of the brightest trends. The most popular examples of the new winter season are straight, close-fitting models to a hip, bomber jackets and parkas. This trend shows you clearly that jackets are practical and fashionable parts of your wardrobe. Such models most often have a cozy hood and a pipe collar.
  • Fur is always in fashion, you can meet this popular material in various collections of world famous designers. Popular winter jackets for women, which are made of fur, look gorgeous and warm you up even in the coldest days. Some designers combine different kind of furs in their models to create unusual images. Fur jackets of the new season are mostly one-colored, they have an abstract, animal or even geometric print. Prints are especially in trend now. More than that, jackets with contrasting colors are also trendy.
  • Down-padded jackets are still on the top of the fashion ladder. They are trendy items of this cold season. This trend can boast with sport models with straight silhouette, baggy jackets and feminine models with volume elements and feather capes. Down-padded fur jacket with a short nap is a great alternative for winter. Don’t miss it, ladies!
  • Natural materials are always in fashion, as we’ve mentioned above. Not only furs but also sheep skin take its part in this winter’s fashion area. Such coats have following characteristics: minimalistic design, asymmetry, volume elements, biker fastener.

5 women in fashionable jackets

Popular materials, colors and prints

Are you interested what fabrics, prints and colors are in trend this winter?
The materials of the season are smooth and patent leather, different woolen fabrics, quilted material, velvet. Designers like to combine popular materials with fur to create fabulous images.
Popular colors vary a lot from white and black to pink, lavender, green, blue, red and yellow. The combination of two contrast colors in jacket is a hot trend as well.
Winter will be dull without prints. Winter 2014 collection has lots of them. The most popular prints are check, abstract, animals, patterns and bright ornaments.
Warm jackets are necessary during cold winter days. Don’t miss an opportunity to choose a bright item from new fashion collection. Meanwhile, this year designers have created a lot of various images one can choose from.