4 women in trendy jackets

Jackets in winter and spring 2014

Jackets are incredibly comfortable and practical in winter and autumn for going for a walk and other outdoor activities. Although there are a lot of different models of coats, fur-coats and cloaks, jackets are always very popular and common.

Trendy jackets

Designers presented many original and trendy jackets:

  • Shortened sleeves and bottom. Such models are becoming more and more widespread and public. They pay attention to beautiful form of wrists and the thin waist in a positive way. But such jackets are created mostly for young girls, not for mature women.
  • Fashionable jackets with basque. There is a very trendy direction in 2014. Such jackets suit to everybody; they look ideally and make any women very feminine and exquisite. It is very stylish to combine jackets with basque and narrows belts.
  • Fur jackets. Fur jackets are very posh and popular. Color of fur can be different: from natural colors to extraordinary colors. The most popular fur is the fur of caraculs. Caraculs jackets are very warm, comfortable and attractive. The second trendy jacket is made of colorful pieces of fur.
  • Fashionable prints. Would you like to be bright and fashionable? There is an answer: jackets with the bright and colorful prints. Different animal prints like leopard, zebra are very popular. Plaid is also very trendy this season.
  • Leather jackets. Leather jackets are still and always popular. Any kinds of leather are fashionable: varnished and dim, black, red, white and beige. Minimum spare additional details, only quality materials and deep color. Classical, biker-style, long, short, old-fashionable jackets are trendy and stylish.
  • Asymmetric and oversized jackets. These are two new ways in fashion this season. Oversized jackets are created specially to pay attention to elegance and refinement of woman’s silhouette. Besides, such jackets add femininity and grace to any woman. As for asymmetric lines, they are created for making a playful mood and coquetry.

4 women in trendy jackets


One of the main tendencies in future season is minimalism. The small amounts of buttons, clasps, zippers, clinches are the main motto of fashion Houses. And the most fashionable models of jackets are without these elements.
Last season jackets are still very fashionable and you can wear the jacket bought last season bravely. Jackets are excellent clothing to feel warm and protected from winds and frosts.