3 models of leggings

New tendency of fashion trousers in winter and spring 2014

Leggings, tight pants and classical trousers altogether

Fashionable trousers in winter 2014 are various in their style, color and materials. The most relevant materials for trousers are Chanel’s tweed, Ralf Lauren’s wool and Christian Dior’s velvet. There are many stockinet and leather trousers of current interest as well.

As for classical models, they are on stage again. They are made with ironed arrows. Classical style is appropriate for most women. Such trousers make them slimmer and conceal many disadvantages of figure.
Stockinet leggings are on the peak of popularity for several seasons. Designers offer a mixture of leggings and classical style this season. They will be very comfortable, elastic and warm and so they will be without any doubt very popular in winter. Knitting pants are offered by designers for the coldest and severest weather. There are a lot of such pants in the Akris’ and Betsy Johnson’s collections.
As usual, most offers are for those women, who are owners of long, slender legs. Tight pants are especially demanded. They can be long, shortened, with and without arrows. Colors are diverse from black and grey gamma to bright acid shades. Pant models made from materials with metal shade (silver, gold, bronze) look very attractive and sexy.
Multilayer style of clothing is in great respect this season. You can wear combination the trousers with the dress or the skirt bravely. So trousers go together with almost every piece of clothing perfectly.

fashion show: three young ladies in white tight pants

Banana – pants and riding-breeches pants

In spring 2014 the most fashionable trousers are varicolored. Also the marine style is used in many collections of famous couturiers. The decorations of trousers are not so various: only prints and arrows.
As for materials, the preference is given to light fabric like silk and chiffon.
Pantsuits are trendy again in this season. But pants differ from previous ones their length and volume.
Worldwide known pants in the form of the bananas are highly interesting alternative. Their wide form at the hips narrows to the bottom so this model doesn’t fit for every woman. Usually such banana-pants are made from light, bright materials.
Leather trousers are still popular and they are in many famous designers’ collections. They are very universal and likable. Colors of leather trousers are different as always.
Pants in form of riding-breeches like banana – pants narrow to the bottom. Besides the can conceal many women’s disadvantages especially it is actual for stout women.
Trousers are essential things in every woman’s wardrobe. In winter and spring 2014 there are so many popular models of trousers so you choose the best one for you without easily.