Sportswear for men: spring/summer 2014

Sportswear for men: spring/summer 2014

As everybody knows, men adore sport style. For those, who like to be in trend, we’ve found out what will be in fashion next year, what are the main colors, prints and silhouettes in sportswear. What’s in trend?Upcoming spring and summer bring bright images, vivid colors, light materials and new unforgettable impressions. Sportswear this time is offered in lighter fabric options such as lightweight twills, cotton/nylons, linens and blends. Texture adds impression to main items.

Sport images

Fashion designers have worked in four directions and found for active men bright images in authentic styles. Let’s have a look at those images.

  • Athletic look. This trend combines urban look, modern colors and natural materials. In this collection you find luxe version of athletes’’ uniforms with light layers, from natural and man-made materials. You look sporty, smart and bright.
  • Jungle man is in trend in spring and summer of 2014. Man-like clothes with artistic approach. This gorgeous collection boasts with ethnic motives shown by bold print and pattern, animal prints, camouflage accessories. All the image is expressed in earthen colors, which are so close to nature. It is awesome how menswear could combine wild nature and globalism. With items from these series you might feel yourself a modern Ernest Hemingway, traveling and exploring the world.
  • Pop art is again popular. Very colorful image, combines even a bit weird things. Lots of jolly colors, unusual patterns, embroidery and boldly colored linings. On this sportswear you luckily find book prints, graphic sketches from novels, ironic on advertising (for example, a sports suit with images of famous washing powder). This trend reflects American kitsch of 60s.

5 men in stylish sportswear

Grunge clothing

There have been two decades as Grunge went into everything – from music to fashion. And this influence still works. This man image consists of several layers, has a renewed focus on rock culture. It also has pop colors, urban style and active design. This collection includes baggy trench coats, grandpa cardigans, marled sweatshirts, and unconstructed blazers. Now it will be a second wave of popularity because this image was already popular, and started with the help of famous Nirvana band.
Every stylish man has a great choice how to look – you can purchase various sport items of any of these four styles. Be in trend during upcoming spring and summer!