6 men in trendy suits

Suit fashion 2014

Suit is a necessary clothing item for every man. To be in trend during warm and cold seasons of 2014 a fashionable man can choose suits from the latest collections. First of all, your suit should be universal. And after that you can choose model, style and color according to your personal taste and expectations. Later on you will find the answers to the questions: What are trendy suits? What to wear for special occasions?

Hottest suit trends

We have decided to look at 2014 suit trends and find out what will be in fashion.
The world of trends this year includes a lot of interesting elements, offers a lot of different styles, uses combination and refers to classics as well.

  • Suits of three pieces and suits with long sleeves are on the top of fashion ladder. The diversity of styles makes fashionable men happy and trendy.Upcoming season presents such styles as retro,classics, safari and military. Please remember that traditional formal style is always in trend. Classics is never forgot.
  • Additional details are made to make your suit brighter and your image unforgettable. Trendy suit elements of the cold season 2014 are pants with low scye and cuffs, graphic elements, belt-cummerbund and zipper.
  • Belt is in the center of your attention. Famous designers have created a lot of suit models with a belt. They are mostly in military style.
  • Combination is one of the most hottest trends in suit fashion. It helps to achieve great results. Famous designers combine materials and colors, creating bright suits.
  • Trendy materials of this winter and fall are tweed and some more different wool fabrics,denim,velvety materials. Lapels of jackets are very often designed by satin or other materials with jacquard or shine.
  • Most often “classical” means “trendy”. Traditional black and grey suits are dominating again in fashion collections. More than that, famous designers use following colors in modern collections: military, red, chocolate, beige,emerald, shades of blue to add vivid atmosphere into classical colors.
  • It is trendy this winter and autumn to decorate jacket\’s lapels and collar with a contrasting color.
  • There are special trends about prints and patterns.

Such everlasting and popular patterns as stripes, checks,graphics and also abstract prints are in fashion again. You can often meet composite suits in which pants are with a trendy print. One-colored jackets are popular as well.

6 men in trendy suits

Ideas for special occasions

As it was said before, a suit for every day should be universal. But suits for special occasions should look special,underline your bright personality and create an image of the situation.
Fashion designers recommend to choose a model for each day in basic, neutral colors. Too bright items are dressed a few times.
It is different when we talk about special occasions.
If you are choosing a suit for your wedding in spring or summer, it should be in lightweight, breathable fabrics. Bright suits for wedding are especially fashionable.
Are you going to have an important meeting, connected with your business? Sharp tailoring in block colours is what you need.
You can finally complete your look with a stylish matching tie.
Trendy men need can easily choose from a great variety of fashionable suits to look stylish in a new season.