two women's bags

The most fashionable bags in 2014

The bag is a necessary and essential thing in the woman’s image. It can add individuality and charm to her beauty. That is why it is so important to choose the bag very attentively and to be pleased with the end choice.
The season is changing and the tendency in fashion for bags is changing as well. The fashionable bags of the winter season are gorgeous and different like the summer bags. But they have a little difference in colors. The colors are paler and calmer. Classic models of bags are in favor of public again.

The actual bag shapes

  • The trapeze shape is a very popular and attractive form of the bag. Such bag is very spacious. Moreover, this season it has grown in its volume and it is very usable and practical. It will look wonderful with a daily suit. The trapeze bag made from varnished leather is especially elegant.
  • The rectangular shape is also very common and actual. Business women prefer these bags to other ones for their convenient and practical form. It is very simple to put necessary documents and papers into this bag and to save businesslike style and attractiveness. The rectangular bag will be useful every day.
  • The square shape is popular in its small size. May be these bags not so practical but they are lovely and appealing.
  • The tub shape is very original and creative form. This bag is far from classic model so it is necessary to think careful before the purchase. Nevertheless, such bag will be very interesting and wonderful.
  •  The flower shape is the most unusual form. Romantic women will love such bags and wear with pleasure.

The Fashionable Houses Hermes and Gucci produce many models of bags in different forms. Stylists recommend to carry the bag in hands and not to hang over the shoulders. So bags in this season have short handles.

two women's bags

Materials and decoration

The fur bags are very spread and popular in this season. It can have only particular fur elements or be the fur one fully. The fur can be trimmed and can be long. The painted fur is very trendy and suitable as well.
Any decorate elements, like chains, tassels and other stuff are left in the last season. Now the main accent is on the materials, forms and excellent finishing of seams.
The fashionable models for teenagers are different types of backpacks. Usually backpacks have a lot of internal and external pockets and straps and so they are extremely comfortable for active style of life.
There are so many kinds of bags and sometimes it is rather difficult to choose the right one. The bag is a part of the image and it must be the best part.