5 models of boots

Boots trends for autumn and winter 2014

Why to choose boots?

In winter ladies want to look fashionable and stylish as well as in summer. Footwear and accessories are playing as important role as coats and jackets do. Winter boots are trendy and functional elements of a lady’s wardrobe. There are several reasons to choose some boots from the latest collections. A pair of warm boots are good helpers when it is cold and snowy outside. They are matching ideally with any garments from your wardrobe. Low cut boots are created to look fabulous in the evening, and the high cut ones are more comfortable, that’s why ideal for longer walks. We are going to see at latest models and trends of winter and autumn 2014 boots.

Famous fashion brands, such as Guess, Liu Jo, Diesel, Colmar, Mango and some other popular ones present their collection of boots for cold season 2014.

The diversity of models and styles is really great. One can meet various boots, medium or high-heeled, from different materials such as leather, rubber, suede. Everybody can find a pair or more according to their personal taste and style.

This year you meet up with a great number of casual styles for boots: motorcycle-inspired, western, chelsea; and as well simple, unsophisticated knee high boots. This season also has an enormously wide selection of boots that have flat, mid-height heels -all of these models are better for slippery winter paths than boots with high heels. Such models provide comfortable walks.

3 pairs of winter bootsModels and trends

High-cut boots are usually liked for their look and considered to be the most fashionable. In autumn and winter 2014 collections we can see a number of various trends for them. They are mostly made of leather, natural or faux and are matching greatly with your winter garments.

Trendy details you can find on these boots are decorating with unusual and cool accessories. For example, decorating like metal trinkets can be found on Andrea Morelli boots, the bichromate combination is typical for Lella Baldi , the golden buckles from Liu Jo are really fabulous.

Low-cut or flat boots are designed in trendy casual style. They are more comfortable than high-cut ones. You can easily spend time outside in one pair of these footwear items. Longer walks in the park, holidays in the countryside are aims easily conquered by spthese boots.

Autumn collection can easily boast a number of rubber rain boots, willing ti help you to walk in rainy weather, they are by a lot of fashion brands and popular designers. Colmar collection is with laces, made with contrast colors. Tinged boots are presented by Guess,low ones, with a lot of flake on the front part – by RED Valentino

Some other trendy moments on winter boots are:

  • twisted strap with buckles (bright examples are Buffalo’s boots from Twin-Set or Mango);
  • coverage with fur (Crocs™ Boots);
  • colorful waterproof fabric (Desigual);
  • bright animal pattern ( Guess);
  • elegance ( Pepe Jeans );
  • UGG boots, performed in bright colors.

Knowing all the hottest trends in boot fashion you can easily choose fashionable boots for winter and autumn and enjoy your purchases. Cold winter and rainy autumn should be met in comfort and in style. Enjoy your new trendy and comfortable boots!