woman in fashionable in a formal suit

Choosing the right women suit

Could it ever be anything more sexy than a beautiful woman in a black tie style business suit? It seems so easy – choosing a suit that would underline merits of female body and would still be comfortable. However, many women tend to make mistakes in their choices of sets of clothes for office that turn them into caricatures of business-ladies. Here are few pieces of advice how to choose a really good business suit for women.

Making the style complete

When choosing a suit one should keep in mind all other clothes that is already hanging in the wardrobe. Such colors as grey, navy and black are the best for the business suit, because they allow to match it with almost any kind of blouse. When shopping for a suit it’s better to create a fancy in the mind, so that the rest of the wardrobe would not be left aside.

In case of buying a patterned suit it would be wise to look for blouses that match it at the same shop. Designers usually introduce the whole set and it makes the choice easier. Patterned suit has to be tailored very precisely, especially when it comes to lining up at the shoulders and stitches.

Quality of the fabric is a very important issue when it comes to choosing a business suit that may become and everyday clothes. Worsted wool is a very popular kind of textile often used both for the summer and for the winter suits. It’s dignity is high durability. Seersucker, linen and poplin are good for the warm time of the year. They offer a great variety of colors and models too.

three women in suits

Merits and demerits

There is a rule that works for any clothes – it has to fit. However, when it comes to a suit there are also some specific tips how to make it look flattering. All women have different body types and they have to keep that in mind when shopping. Skirt suits look professional and very feminine. The perfect and fashionable skirt has a knee-length and a hidden zipper. As for the last point, it depends on the taste, although, making the zipper an outstanding accessory will make the image less serious and professional. Anyway, women pantsuit are also stylish and may create a sexy look without sliding to vulgarity. Pantsuits add some height and will be even slimming, if one inch is added to the hip measurements when trying on different variants.

Height is the issue that greatly influences the choice of the suit. Tall women should look for the jacket with wide lapels that will make their bodies look a bit wider and thus – more proportional. If the height is too tiny then a good choice is the pantsuit with an elongated jacket falling a bit lower than hips level. In case when skirts are more preferable their silhouettes should be a classy pencil or A-line. After all, when it comes to pencil skirts and straight-legged pantsuits they look great on any kind of body.