Colour trends for spring 2014

Pantone Institute is the maker of colour trends

More than 20years the Pantone Color Institute is the workdwide authority on colour trends. This company studies different tendencies and the shows of many designers to find the top shades for the upcoming season. It has recently announced the 10 top colour trends for Spring 2014. Many designers mix bright vivid colours with tender pastels. The main feature of this season trends is a colourful balance. Leatrice Eiseman, who works as   the executive director of Pantone Color Institute, has told about the artistic , considerate and emotional equilibrium this spring. The designers have been inspired by the mix of their travelling, the blooming flowers and the charismatic men and women they’ve met. And the result of such an incredible work is so beautiful. Every fashion-conscious girl or woman can find her favourite mix of shades or make her own amazing colour combinations. It’s so individual.

 10 top trend Pantone colours for spring 2014

Placid blue - colour trend for spring 2014

Placid blue is very soft and gorgeous at the same time. It’s like a beautiful tranquil sky. This colour is ideal for weddings. It’s calm and peaceful.

Violet tulip is the colour trend for spring 2014

Violet tulip is very romantic. When you look at it you remember the fields with purple flowers. This colour is so tender and elegant.

Hemlock is the colour trend for spring 2014

Hemlock is a summery green colour. It is the most popular among young girls because of its minty shade. But this year this tone fulfils decorative functions, it’s not the main colour of the outfits.

Sand is the colour trend for spring 2014

Sand is neutral earthy beige. It’s a light colour reminding the careless time on the beach in summer. It is perfect when mixing with other shades.

Paloma is the colour trend for spring 2014

Paloma is interesting neutral grey. This is the colour of granite and stones. It can be combined with other brighter colours to make unforgettable mixture.

Cayenne is the colour trend for spring 2014

Cayenne reminds exotic fruits. This colour is bright and high-pitched red, it can be mixed with neutral colours to add them life and excitement.

Freesia is the colour trend for spring 2014

Freesia  is sunshine yellow. It reminds about bright daffodils and dandelions, bright and warm sunny days.

Celosiaorange is the colour trend for spring 2014

Celosia Orange  is soft but very energetic orange. This colours reminds about sweet and juicy fruits.

Radiant orchid is the colour trend for spring 2014

The next colour in the top is Radiant Orchid. It’s brighter and darker than Violet Tulip for those people who like purple shades.

Dazzlingblue is the colour trend for spring 2014

Dazzling Blue is so rich and luxurious. This strong and vivid colour will be favourite this season. It’s the opposite of Placid Blue, because of its saturation and brightness. People who love blue shades can choose any  colour they prefer.

Take a look at these top colour trends and make a choice of your own combinations to emphasize your beauty.