Cowgirl Style in spring 2014

Fashion trends are not constant, they move cycling. But when they come back they bring something fresh and new with themselves. You always can add accessories of other styles and you’ll look trendy. After the break the Cowgirl Style has returned in spring 2014. But this time it doesn’t look like a carnival costume it has brought western elements which can be mixed with other styles. Many designers are inspired with the Cowgirl Style and add their features to their shows.

Cowgirl Style and Showgirl

A famous Rodarte has made an amusing show. His models stepped on the runway wearing fringe boots (spaghetti boots) which had been made of a snake skin pairing with thick leather belts. The models dressed in cowgirl style had wonderful accessories which helped them to make a bold and ballsy look. In the Rodarte’s runway for Spring 2014 we’ve seen the mixture of two styles – pin-up of ’90s with American Western.

Another fashion brand Miu Miu has added beaded fringing to a new collection which also connected Cowgirl Style and Showgirl.

So how to create cowgirl style?

  •  Pull on a fringed top (it can be cropped) with a mid-length skirt. Also try on a pair of custom-made pants.
  • Cowgirl style is a little vintage-inspired, so you can wear high waists outfit adding to it leather accessories and masculine cuts.
  • For those who doesn’t want to risk choose monochrome outfits – for example, all black

The girl dressed in Cowgirl style

Cowgirl fancywork

It was also styled on the runways. It splashes across jeans and shirts (as in Louis Vuitton’s runway). Western fancywork is a beautiful element which can be easier worked into your everyday look.

  • Choose the embroidered patterns on western-style shirts. They look feminine and beautiful.
  • Put on jeans with embroidered elements as sheer panels with beading.
  • Add western fancywork of flowers to soft your look.

Minimalism and Cowgirl Style

In spring 2014 the mixture of minimalism and Western style is very popular. It’s the trend of the season. Simple shapes, soft cuts, pure colours can be accessorized in thousands various ways. How to combine these tendencies?

  • Add some accessories, a Western accent to the minimalistic look: leather belt, boots or hat. They play a great part in cowgirl style for spring 2014. Donna Karan’s white shirt dress added with Western leather accessories is a wonderful example of it.
  • An embroidered shirt can be put together with minimalistic skirts or pants to make the outfit more trendy. Combine different styles. High boots, fringed elements, embroidery will make your look amazing.

Don’t be afraid of Western Style. If you are not ready to wear such clothes just try to add a few elements. And you’ll see that this trend is very feminine.