two men in suits and a suit

Denim and sport

It’s a special trend that is widely spread these days – wearing jeans with a sport jacket. It sounds easy, but in fact is a tricky task – matching these two items. This style represents blending between casual and sport, that goes well for everyday life. Here are some tips on choosing the right jeans for creating the perfect street-style dandy image.

Find the jeans that fit you right

When it comes to denim everyone seems to have own different opinion. However, no matter what your opinion is there is a rule in choosing jeans to match sport coat: only the ones that fit you. You may have any denim you like in your collection, yet, sport jacket demands tailored look. Baggy jeans create too “gangsta” image, while skinny models just work the wrong way when combined with sport coat – it’s too playful to be manly. Straight classy jeans will be the best choice.
three stylish men in jeans

The good color

As for the color, it has to be noble. Dingy fabric doesn’t create classy look at all, so it’s better to avoid it. Traditional blue is a good color for jeans, but not when combined with a sport jacket. Dark denim looks more sophisticated and expensive and will be the right choice. There are also models with vertical creases, which will make your look more elegant and classy. Also check the seams carefully, as they should not be too remarkable. Some designers make stitches their trademark by using specific technic or extravagant color. They also may design pockets oddly, but this isn’t the worst case scenario. Some specific features can become the zest, when matching other clothes and accessories. Just keep in mind, that the less the better, when it comes to style and always go for the high quality.

Some jeans are overflowing with additional embellishment. One has to be careful here as over-indulgence with knick-knackery can turn rather stylish look into vulgar caricature. Any shiny or colorful decorations on the jeans may work out on the disco, but they can turn you into farer sex very easily. Just keep it modest and classy. The same goes for the models with extravagant pockets or sewed belts. By the way, try to choose the belt that won’t stand out too much. It is an accessory, which has to create stylish and elegant image, so look for something that serious and expensive. Funny buckles are no good when matching the sport jacket. They don’t fit casual style, nor they do so for sport style. And it’s the most important thing – keeping the image complete.