Eternal style – street style

Eternal style – street style

Street style doesn’t only reflect the tastes of the youth society, but also sets trends for the high fashion. What more can influence the supply than a demand? Originating truly from the streets, this style represents the mixture of the most wanted currents and the most incongruous sets.

Well-known sets originated from the street style

So fashionable today skinny jeans weren’t created on the catwalk. Originally, this denim was worn by the followers of punk style, both men and women. Nowadays, skinny models of any trousers are decided to be glamorous more that rebellious. It’s doubtful that all the worshippers of the tight jeans are aware of the street roots of their favorite clothes.

And remember the times of hippies? All the girls were wearing long flowing dresses – one-colored or with romantic floral patterns. Catwalks of the recent years are packed with such gowns, however, nobody wants to recall that they were born on the streets. This clothes represented innocence and tenderness. Modern fashion houses have many such dresses in their collections and they became the characteristic of wealth, good taste and femininity.

Such popular nowadays hip-hop style is obviously street classics. One may think that it’s good only for youth or musicians, but in fact hip-hop style combines casual, street and spot elements. For being comfortable and sporty it is really loved by athletes.

young lady passing by a painted wallStreet style trends in 2014

In some way long gone the times of the streets dictating what to wear. People now follow the fashion designers collection. It’s obviously easier to apply ready-made sets than create new extravagant looks. Nevertheless, those are streets that inspire and reform fashion. And what will streets like and do in 2014?

According to designers and bloggers, bright colors are in vogue. Red, ultra blue, orange, yellow and some other colors are seen mostly in the accessories or in contrast to more dull backgrounds. The most popular match for the clothes seems to be chess black-and-white. This set will be a safe bet both on the streets and in business or casual styles.

Coming to accessories, classy one-colored pointy shoes and small purses or clutches are mutually complementary with almost any street style set except for sporty stuff. Accessories and jewelry (which is not one of the trends in 2014 for the streets, by the way) have to represent own personal qualities. So in any case choosing them is a private choice. After all street style is about being yourself, not the perfect catwalk image.