three girls in dresses

Finding a flattering dress

All women are different and have different tastes. When it comes to shopping and completing an ideal wardrobe nobody ever agrees totally. And this is perfect, as it is a sign of unique styles that we all have. There is only one problem – we sometimes fancy something we should not ever wear. Some peculiarities of female bodies are very attractive and should be underlined, while others better be hidden. So, some tips for the beautiful women with beautiful and unique bodies.

Inverted triangle

Women with curvaceous bodies are jealous of those with tiny hips. However, sometimes the big bust isn’t much of a blessing. And by the way, inverted triangle shape of the body is more about having wide shoulders than bid breasts. In any case, if you have diminutive lower part of the body and all the attention is drawn by the upper half, you better follow several tips. To balance your look just avoid any dresses that will emphasize shoulders. However, V-like necklines, which draw attention to the bust are going to work out as they would underline the merits of your body. Just never wear strapless models and outstanding jewelry accessories.

Catch an eye by additional noticeable decorations of the flowing skirt of the dress or extravagant bright shoes. Showing long slim legs is also a wise trick. Always go for emphasizing your merits more than for hiding demerits. Although, long flowing skirts or gowns with pleating are also good, as they create additional volume over the lower part of your body. To make the silhouette more close to the hourglass ideal accentuate waistline.

4 women in dresses

Pear shaped

A very feminine type of body, that is very common. It may even be the most widespread one. If you don’t find it that sexy and beautiful as many men do, then work with the accessories. Outstanding large necklaces and earring are drawing more attention to the neck and shoulders, underlining the bust. Strapless dresses work the same way. They may be long or short – it depends on your desire to show your legs.

Long skirts with flowing line or of an A-shape are good options. They hide the curves of the lower part of the body. Don’t go for bright and contrast shoes, as they will ruin the image. It happens rather often that women with pear shaped bodies have an appreciable waistline. They definitely should make and accent on it by choosing remarkable belts and creating empire waistlines. Also avoid large prints and go for one-colored dresses or at least make sure that the color of the upper part of the gown is drawing more attention and does not make your shoulders and bust less noticeable.