high heeled shoes

High heels of 2014

Have anyone ever heard women complaining about high heels being a nasty experience? When hearing that just one look down on the feet will be enough to understand that those are just words. Women will always wear high heeled shoes. They may go for sneakers or flats in everyday life when creating a casual or street style, yet at least one pair of high heels will be patiently waiting for it’s time. This is the dream of every little girl – wearing mom’s shoes and showing off among coevals. Every fashion season brings something new and unexpected into the tendencies of accessories and shoes. The year 2014 is also going to make women change their styles and refresh their wardrobe.

Even more extravagant than before

Pointy shoes on high heels are still the latest word in fashion, when it comes to open-toe sandals. Top-boots with pointy toes are not the ones to buy first, though. They rarely look decently and easily ruin even the most thorough appearance. Pointy shoes may also have closed toe and then it’s another chance to show off with exceptional embellishment. Floral decorations and fur are very popular. Those are used separately for summer and winter collections.

Many designers don’t only use heels for casual collections, but they also make them higher and higher. There were occasions when models fell on the catwalk because of the heels having a height of a skyscraper. However, this doesn’t stop women from hunting for the oddest items from the latest collections. The key to the comfortable shoes is choosing the right size.

Everyone has a right for heels

In the latest collections of 2014 there are options for everyone. Many designers offered wedges instead of heels. Such shoes are not only more comfortable and stable. They also have a space for fanciful decorations and materials. There are wooden wedges, covered with fabric or leather, adorned with gems and many other outstanding designs. Heels also may be very sophisticated and amusing, yet those are wedges that become a real piece of art.

To get more clear understanding of what the tendencies of 2014 about heels are, just take a look at the pictures.spotted platform shoes Shoes both on wedges and heels are becoming more original, yet, they seem to be coming back to classy elegant looks. By combining high heels with the proper accessories one may create a unique stylish image. When shopping for shoes on heels women only have to keep in mind their already formed wardrobes so that the new acquisition won’t get dusty without a set of clothes to wear with.