a woman wearing glasses

How to be stylish when wearing glasses

Glasses are fashionable accessory

Glasses can be the most wanted accessory. Lots of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Marilyn Monroe, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and many others have discovered the advantage of specs. Certainly, they are not only the accessory, they help people to see well. But you must agree that glasses look awesome.

Johnny Depp wearing glasses

So, let’s talk about pros of wearing glasses excepting medical purposes. Firstly, you look serious and authoritatively in job interviews and in other similar situations. Your eyes are protected from weather elements like wind, rain or anything that kind. You’re in wonderful company of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, Samuel L. Jackson, Katy Perry – all of them wear glasses. If to choose the right glasses frame style it can help you to look very good and stylish.

Choosing the best specs

But how to make the right choice of specs? Certainly you can dream about the best and most stylish pair of glasses you’ve seen before, but these designer glasses may not fit you. That’s not easy at all to choose the right specs because it depends not only on your dreams and wishes but also on your face shape, hairstyle, skin type and even your personality.

Jennifer Aniston wearing glasses, different shapes os glasses frames

There are 7 types of facial shapes: square, oval, round, pyramid, rectangle, triangle or diamond.

  • If you have a square face with strong jaw lines and large forehead you have to pick oval or round shapes of glasses frames.
  • People with oval face can choose any style of glasses, so if you have it, you’re lucky because all the glasses will suit you.
  • If your face is round-shaped without any angles you have to choose rectangular, narrow shaped eyeglasses.
  • Men and women with pyramid faces when cheeks are wider then forehead have to choose top-heavy glasses.
  • Rectangle faces are featured with square chins, so if you have such kind of face, try to choose square-shaped eyeglasses with details or decorations on the edges.
  • What about triangle faces with wide forehead and narrow cheeks? People with its kind of face have to pick little oval or square frames of glasses,
  • Diamond faces we can meet not often. But if you have such type of face you have to remember that your favourite frame has to be cat-walk.

The best way to choose the shade of your specs is to think about your hair type and complexion. There are only 2 types: warm and cool. You have to choose the shade according to it.

Fashion trends of spring-summer 2014

There are four popular looks this season.

The Instagram look

a girl wearing glasses

Nowadays there is a madness within the social media and the glasses are not exception. This style is inspired by 1970s.  It is featured with soft  and round shapes. The materials and silhouettes remind last year ones. The designers like O’Neill, Robert Graham, Max Studio,  Karl Lagerfeld  use wooden frames and animals print. The lenses can be rosy or gold-tint to make sepia effect.

The Aquatic Look

glasses with blue frame

This style is inspired by the ocean and the sea. The main feature is the colour : blue or turquoises. Many designers create such cloudy glasses .  You can find them in the collections of Vera Wang,  Michael Stars, Corrine McCormack and others.

The Garden Look

glasses with a flowery frame

This style will remind you the season of blooming flowers and trees. It is featured by floral prints and butterfly-shaped silhouettes. They are so girly. You can find them in such designer collections as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana,  Robert Graham,  Alexander McQueen.

The Mathematical Look

a man wearing the mathematical glasses

This trend is featured with angular cuts, strong forms and neutral colours. The lens shapes can be different: from triangular to hexagonal. Also you can meet mathematical prints on the frames. What about designers who like this style? They are  Chloe, Prada , Optic Nerve , Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Crystal.

Nowadays the fashion industry can offer you thousands of glasses forms and shapes. But before you buy the best pair of specs you have to think about different things and then they will make you stylish and good-looking.