I have a tuxedo… and what should I do with it?

I have a tuxedo… and what should I do with it?

Sophisticated tuxedo is a clothes that not every man has. Even more, definitely not every man can quickly think of an occasion in their life to wear it. However, most of the men at least secretly dream of the tuxedo and a chance to make a show of it. In case you’ve already bought one (or just imagine you did) here is a guideline when and where to wear. By the way, renting a tuxedo isn’t a crime – it’s a good opportunity not only to save money, but try yourself and understand, whether you should buy your own one or not.


When the occasion calls for it. If you’ve received an invitation to some official event and the dress code is Black Tie, breathe with relief. You can wear your tuxedo and be sure that you’re completely with the current. Remember that Black Tie is the right dress code. If you are to visit a cocktail party, then put your tux aside. And it’s absolutely obvious that casual or business styles are the ones that shy away from this aristocratic set.

Weddings usually state wearing a tuxedo as an optional, but in fact it’s just a game of words – you’ll have to wear it anyway. Especially, when it’s your own wedding. This may be the only occasion in life to wear a tux, so be brave and don’t avoid it.

The events that demand a tuxedo are mostly the evening ones. This means that you will have to think of the way to get to the spot without getting cold (if there is such a risk, of course). The stylish look really demands the posh way of arriving. Don’t be afraid to look too extravagant – everyone tries to show off when it comes to solemn occasions.

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As it was mentioned, the official events that have dress code control are the times for suits and tuxedo in particular, if it is stated in the invitation. However, there are other, but still very right times and places to be the most sophisticated man ever. If you attend opera or theater then tuxedo is a must. It is not stated on the tickets, but it is just a matter of respect and status – look good at such places. We aren’t talking about art-house events, where even a simple suit looks odd.

Many restaurants demand almost Black Tie style between the lines. If you ask your girlfriend out for a romantic dinner – and an expensive one – work with your appearance properly. Tuxedo will look absolutely natural in a high level restaurant. And for sure such amazing look will impress any girl to the depth of her heart.

After all, tuxedo is optional in any case, as your own personal opinion means more than any fashion trend ever, although it will still make you look more adult and serious, when worn the right way.