woman wearing several wristlets on the both hands

Jewelry: doing it right

There is probably no such woman in the whole world who had never dreamed of a ring with little diamond or of a golden necklace “just like that lady from the fashion show had”. Jewelry is something that truly everyone longs for. However, not everyone knows how to wear it without demonstrating the lack of taste. This article tells about wristlets, rings and earrings – the accessories, which on contrary to the common belief play a huge role in the creation of positive and stylish image.

Beautiful hands

Many women don’t like wearing bracelets. They claim that their hands look unattractive and that wristlets impede in everyday life. Well, first, jewelry isn’t something to wear “just in case”. Rings and bracelets are a bad company for washing dishes or working in the garden. Then, another problem is choosing the right type of wristlet. Women with tiny thin hands should wear exquisite chains, while those with thick arms better avoid such bracelets. It’s a false believe that small accessory will make plumpy people look smaller themselves.

Bracelets are to be worn on the right hand. However, if there are several wristlets they may be worn on the both hands. Gemstone bracelets should cling closely to the hand, while tiny chains better be loose. It’s also important not to mix different materials, for example, gold with ceramics, textile with gemstones etc.

Rings also have certain peculiarities, in fact, lot of them. Many people tend to wear several rings at a time – this is extremely wrong! One ring is absolutely enough. Young girls shouldn’t be wearing massive rings with huge precious stones. One little gem will be perfect and the contrary rule goes for middle aged women – they may wear more noticeable rings.

The size of the hand and fingers also matters. Women with delicate small hands will emphasize their exility by wearing narrow rings with tiny gemstone. A wider ring can be chosen only if the stone will be of an oval form. Ladies with thick hands should avoid massive rings and also go for oval gems as they make fingers look longer and more elegant.

 Jewelry in a baggy


As for the earrings they also create different impression when worn by women of different ages. Absolutely logically, that young girls better follow gentle and romantic fashion. However, club style or artisanal jewelry that is often rather colorful and huge can make an image of creative and energetic youngster. Adult women can afford themselves wearing massive luxurious earrings with precious stones as evening accessory.

Earrings can also correct or accentuate the form of the face. Round faces look good when accompanied by small flat earrings. Women with oval-shaped faces should wear studs with massive gemstones. Although, such earrings do not suit round faces and people who wear glasses. And be proud of what you wear!