Matching shoes and purse

Matching shoes and purse

Many women believe that choosing shoes and purse of the same color is obligatory to create a chic look. In fact, it’s not the color, but the style and texture that have to match the whole outfit. Of course, it’s up to one’s tastes what to wear, nobody can forbid one-colored suits and accessories. However, wouldn’t it be more interesting – blending the colors and patterns? Creating own style is a fascinating process with many pitfalls and unexpected outcomes.

Colorful or colorless?

As it was mentioned absolutely the same colors of shoes and purse aren’t obligatory. There is another issue here: neutral colors look a lot better when accompanied by a contrast color or a pattern. For example, grey dress is a great background for ruby shoes, while the bag may be of a darker grey color. Depending on the cut of the suit such experiments may create charming business style or venturesome casual.

The set of clothes and accessories must not be overflowing with different patterns. One-colored dresses go perfectly with purses and shoes with patterns. They only must blend well by colors, but not necessarily the main ones. The look becomes especially chic when only one minor color is repeated both in patterned accessories and in the suit.

stylish shoes and bag

Hiding or accentuating

Depending on the style some features may be accentuated by shoes and bag. If it goes for rock&roll, then rivets should be repeated in the accessories, but not in the dress or suit. And mind the material – if the silver metal is used, then nothing golden should be present.

Accessories can also extenuate the style if it looks excessive. In case if the shoes have very high heels, some provocative details or their color is extremely bright, a purse of blending with a dress dim color will make the set less vivid. A bag also has to match the style of the person and answer their demands. If a girl is used to long walks, always takes snatches or books with her, she will definitely need a bigger bag for an everyday life rather than a clutch, that she would take with her to a theater.

Another issue had just came to life in the previous indention – choosing the right set for every occasion. In some cases luxurious clutch or a Chanel style purse can match amazingly with modest flats. And on the contrary, high-heeled patent-leather shoes may look rather casual if followed by more neutral bag of a calm color. Sometimes the usual everyday set can be easily revived for the evening event by adding proper jewelry or accessories like shawls.