young girl doing fitness

Olympic style

One may wonder how can Olympic Games be connected with the world of fashion. In fact, the bond between them may not be that obvious, but still it is very close. Of course, it hasn’t been like that always. Nearly 50 years ago sport wasn’t influencing fashion that much. It didn’t happen on the spot that people started using sport elements in the casual and street style. Many usual models were inspired by the sport uniform. As for Olympic Games itself it’s hard to argue that it is the event on the global scale. The world follows the tendencies that each country welcoming Olympic Games presents. And it doesn’t become apparent only in the thematic stuff such as badges, ribbons etc. Just take a look around in the streets and you will see how many sporty accessories and clothes everyone wears.

When did it start?

It was usual already some time ago that one could have tracksuits and thermal underwear together with fashionable suits and sophisticated accessories. The thing is that the same person would never combine any of it together. It is a common thought that the situation had changed in 1980s. Designers were basing their collections entirely on the tracksuits, used jersey for the different models and introduced sport symbolism in the most unexpected cases.

It’s not only sportsmen who influence fashion. People in average became more concerned with their health and appearance, which led to the change of the aesthetical ideals. The representative ideal body became more athletic and it demanded the change of clothes. What style could underline fitness of men and women more that sport? Fabric, colors and cut used on the stadium proceeded to an everyday life and then, finally, to a catwalk. It is now decided usual and reasonable to wear thermo underwear to the office in winter and matching sport jacket with jeans became an art.
4 women in sportish suits


Can it be that the influence is one-sided? Actually, it isn’t so. The world of high fashion also changes the way sportsmen look. This is especially obvious in the colors that are chosen for the sport uniforms. There were times when it was all about black-&-white, red-&-blue, but today all the fashionable color sets can be noticed on the field: turquoise and brown, grey and red… And sportswomen are still women and they use make-up, do their hair, prefer certain colors and fabrics. After their appearance not only their fans adopt their style or some peculiarities of it, and designers recreate the most appreciable tendencies in their collections. It is obvious that fashion doesn’t only dictate it’s will, but also embodies the desires of public. The more we introduce sport in our lives, the more it reforms the fashion collections.