4 women with oversized bags

Oversized bags are back in 2014

Women always puzzle over the accessories. We all know that there can’t be too many bags and shoes. Really, bags all have to be different for all the occasions – clutches for evenings, purses for casual everyday life, rucksacks for sport activities… well, men just have to submit it. And what is more interesting – how do women manage to pack everything that they need in these small clutches? I am telling a secret: we don’t. We just sacrifice some stuff, that may be left aside. And thank you fashion for the trend of oversized bags! Are they still in vogue for street and casual style in 2014? Yes, they are! Lets see why do women love their big bags so much.

The size, the shape, the color… it’s perfect!

Girls, take everything you need with you. Put all your stuff in huge bags of a ball form, of a Day-Glo color, made from plastic or whatever you like. Big bags can be glamorous and made from expensive materials. Such accessories do oppose “traditional” fashion, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t look stylish and emphasize the status. To gain more elegant look just choose one-colored bags from more aesthetical fabrics and lacking the additional childish embellishment.

Anyway, huge bags may also look funny as they sometimes take the most unexpected shapes. They copy doctor or bowling bas, imitate football or baseball balls and may be performed from different materials. There is a trend, that has been formed recently and is still going to exist in 2014 – using recyclable materials like plastic for bags. By using such an accessory you can demonstrate your attitude towards nature and keep your style complete.

young girl with a huge bagHow to wear oversized bags stylishly?

Now this is a really versatile accessory. Huge bags match with almost any set of clothes. They look great with anything street style or casual, can be good for business suit, complete the sporty image and so on. Sometimes oversized bags even look absolutely okay with light summer dresses, however, it’s better to match them with pantsuits or knee-length skirts. A little bit of grunge yet stylish image bug bags create with sweaters that are oversized or sleeveless. For sure such bags can’t become a part of an evening dress-code – this is the only serious demerit.

Depending on the complete set of clothes you can decide how to carry your big and beautiful bag. It depends upon you, how to use your bag. You can carry it on your shoulder or elbow, or just take it by the handles. Just check carefully if the bag isn’t hitching up anything in your clothes. Take everything thing you need with you and be sure you’re so in vogue!