Sexy ankle boots are still on the top in 2014

Sexy ankle boots are still on the top in 2014

In the recent years ankle boots became extremely popular for fall/winter and fall/spring seasons. They are truly comfortable and very feminine. Women’s legs look tiny and fragile is such boots. And the stylish sets that can be formed with the ankle boots can create absolutely different looks for almost any occasion.There is a little issue about ankle boots – the way people wear them. The sets presented on the runways aren’t necessarily casual ones. They sometimes don’t even fit the evening style. So, when imitating the look from the catwalk women should at least adjust them to their height and weight. When it comes to ankle boots, as easily as they create sexy image they can also turn a rather sophisticated look into something dreadful.

Leggings aren’t the meat to live by

This is a very popular set: cropped leggings and ankle boots. If a woman doesn’t have the shapes of Victoria Beckham than she must not do so. Even very thin girls will be surprised by the additional inches on their hips when wearing ankle boots with cropped leggings. Such combination also reduces the height visually and may be somehow suitable for very tall women who would like to look more miniature. Yet, in general this set is considered to be more on the tasteless side.

Instead of leggings skirts are more preferable. Especially long ones. As for the shape it depends on the personal taste. Any skirt – whether it’s narrow or comfortably spacious – should cover the top of the ankle boots. Legs should be absolutely hidden and this doesn’t mean that their beauty won’t be visible. If the maxi skirt still doesn’t have enough length then tights will rescue the situation.

young lady in the ankle bootsBusiness attire with ankle boots?

And why not, actually? In fact, ankle boots look great with any kind of pants, as they form beautiful lines and walk, but do not show off. Of course, the pants should be long enough and the heel of boot better not be too high. When it comes to casual style high heels may work out, but in business suits they don’t only look “a little bit too much”, but also make women get tired quickly. The best pants to wear with ankle boots are the narrow and tight ones.

Shorter business style skirts may also look great with ankle boots. They have to end up above the knees. Classy narrowed and pencil silhouettes look very attractive. Of course, some women may notice that only very confident ladies show their legs. However, it’s not about the length of the skirt – it’s just a classy business style – it’s about the sexy ankle boots. So, ladies should not be afraid of being elegantly seductive.