Should you buy a huge bulky warm jacket for your kid or not?

Should you buy a huge bulky warm jacket for your kid or not?

Every parent at some point meets the negation of a child to wear some clothes. Kids may not like the color, the texture or embellishment and those are truly the problems of different tastes. It’s easy to fight them – just listen to your kid and try to find a compromise. It’s obvious, that you can’t bring in the fashion when you like opposite things. After all, it’s a child who is going to wear the clothes, not the well-educated and serious adult. Allow the childhood make it’s mistakes.

Anyway, there are situations, when a child refuses to wear some clothes without any particular reason (as it may seem) and rather often it happens to some rather expensive garments. How do you understand your child and choose the right clothes? Today we’ll talk about winter jackets.

Finding out the reason

First of all, it’s important to find out, why the kid doesn’t want to wear his or her coat. The most widespread problem is the jacket being too heavy. When shopping for winter clothes always take a child with you and try on different models. You have to ask, whether it feels light or heavy, as the kid may not truly care about it for the first time. And don’t rely on your personal feelings! The jacket that will seem to you feathery may be rather a burden to a child.

winter attire for kids

Then, ask you kid to wear the coat at least one more time and after that check his or her body. You have to look out for allergic reactions on the exposed parts of the body and pay attention to the temperature. The last issue is extremely important when it comes to winter attires for kids. Children often hate getting dressed for the outside in winter just because they are sweating all over.

Why is temperature so important

To start with, the child has higher metabolic rates than an adult has. They basically run hotter easier and faster, than even teenagers do. When you feel it’s chilly outside, don’t get overprotective trying to dress your kid in several layers of wool and thermo. It’s not that cold for the small ones, honestly. It doesn’t mean they are allowed to play snows in swimsuits. It means that you have to find the standard of clothes for the children for different weather and air temperature. Getting a kid overheated won’t help at all both in psychological and physical aspects, as this may lead to irritation inside of the little head on the gentle skin.

Make experiments, dressing a child each time more or less warm, when going outside in winter. Maybe it’s better to buy a light jacket and just wear thermo under it, than stuffing a child into a bulky coat. Even if you do have some very warm winter outer clothing, just dress your kid in something lighter underneath it. In case if you are going somewhere where it may get cold and you’ll have to take the coat off anyway, just take a sweater with you.