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Sportswear trends for spring and summer 2014

Nowadays it is popular to do sports and be healthy. Sport lovers are waiting for new trendy collections of clothing in 2014. New year brings new trends, color schemes and models. In this article we are looking at sport trends for men and women.

Our example is famous Swedish company H & M. They are launching new collections in 2014 and we are getting acquainted with them. The brand designs active wear for everybody, men, women and kids. Sean O’Pry and Mathias Lauridsen are the new faces of the H & M Sport line.

This famous brand is also the sponsor of the Swedish National 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and summer games in Rio De Janeiro. As some sportsmen of the Swedish Olympic team advised the sporty line is going to be “fashionable” but at the same time possesses fit and performance, prices of the garments are affordable.

Sporty collection 2014 for women

Sport collection for women includes various clothing items for popular sports. Women are usually involved in running, yoga, gym, some outdoor activities.

Bright and vibrant colors are in trend in upcoming spring and summer seasons. This clothing line is for those who want to look fashionable and trendy in gym or outside doing sports. The warm season’s 2014 hot trend is enormously large black T-shirt and leggings.

The Swedish brand’s sport collection for women includes different types of clothing for various sport activities. There are long-sleeved tops for runners, sleeveless shirts, stretch pants for gym walkers, waterproof and windproof jackets for sports outside.

two young girls in sport clothesMen’s sporty clothes

The collection for men by H & M is also rich with various sporty clothing. The main idea of the collection is future and expanding horizons. Popular clothing items for men in this season are windproof jackets, breathable shorts, functional t-shirts. Typically the collection possesses a wide range of colors. The most popular colors are black, grey, green, yellow and white.

A line for men also includes clothing items for different sports.

Main garments for running include running jackets, which are performed in block colour or with prints, and printed running T-shirts. As well you are offered an athletic kit consisting of T-shirts, warm-up tops and trousers, sleeveless hoodies. For outdoor activities there are insulating jackets and base layers, as well as the key fully-waterproof shell jacket. For tennis players there are essential polo shirts and tennis shorts.

The Swedes have taken their cues from Scandinavia’s Olympic athletes, so the clothes are functional as well as being practical. Enjoy your sport time!