bracelets in form of snakes

Trendy jewelry

Jewelry made of precious or semiprecious metals and stones are the best finality of any style. In 2014 season, jewelry are very fashionable and they are presented by many famous fashion Houses.

General tendency of jewelry in 2014

There are several trends in this season. Due to them, each woman can choose the jewelry that suits her own style of clothing and style of jewelry.

  • Big size. The main principle of all designers of this season: the bigger, the better. It concerns all type of jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets and necklace. So the huge necklace, covering almost all décolleté zones, earrings touching shoulders and wide bracelets are highly fashionable during winter and spring. But it is important to use appropriate combination of jewelry. For example, very enormous earrings with it can shorten your neck visually. So don’t mix big jewelries together and also limit combination of large ones.
  • Aggressive style. It is an unusual and extraordinary way of wearing fashionable jewelry. Big and small chains, twisting several times, metal excesses, crosses, decorated with rhinestones, spikes, necklaces like collars and bracelets like handcuffs suit any woman.
  • Animalism. Designers pay attention to insects, reptiles and animals, choosing them the theme for their jewelry. Necklaces in form of lizards, curling on the neck and the breast, bracelets in form of snakes or earrings in form of butterflies and ladybirds are very beautiful and original.
  • Ethnic elements. This season it is very fashionable to wear jewelry made in association with tribal culture of African countries. Earring and necklaces with feathers and brushes painted or natural color wood would be very suitable for casual style and even for bohemian style.

earrings in form of snakes

Stylish earring cuffs

Modern designers presented uncommon cuffs this season. There are many interesting and extraordinary models of cuffs:

  • Big and daring, entwining the whole ear. This jewelry is created for brave women, who dare to wear such unusual decoration.
  • Smaller ones. They cover only upper part of the ear and hang very nicely from the ear. They look very attractive for any woman and girl.

Some designers offer to divide a pair of earrings and wear only one, but it should be an earring of big size with stones and rhinestones.
Trendy jewelry is in different forms and colors, big sizes and shine. Each girl finds her own distinct combination unique jewelry.