Bermuda on the winter olympics 2014

What fashion trends does the Winter Olympics 2014 bring?

Sport has nothing to do with fashion, you’d say? Don’t be so careless, stating that. Nowadays, sport is dictating it’s will to the casual, street style, home basics, lingerie and accessories. The tendency is that people get more and more involved with the healthy and active way of life, so they need clothes that will not only suit their tastes and occasions, but be comfortable. And the sport style is of the most convenient styles ever. It’s difficult to find any person that won’t have any sporting stuff in the wardrobe.

For every event designers create collections of clothes and accessories and after that the entire sets come to life among the average people. This is also true for the sport competitions. And which of them is the most famous, the most expected? This of course will be Olympic Games! Lets have a look, what Winter Olympic of 2014 held in Sochi, Russia bring to the world of fashion. The gorgeous opening ceremony had already passed and this is just the right time to check the tendencies.

Russia on the winter olympics

Classy winter

There are certain colors that are thought to be classic of winter sport attires. Those are red, black and white. In fact many teams had uniform based on those colors. Such countries like Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria (adding some green, though), Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Dominica, Estonia, Georgia, Great Britain, Chinese Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein (with patterned jackets) were seen like this. Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco (again, some grass green diluting the red background), Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia (although, with blue), Slovakia, Switzerland, Tajikistan joined them. Thailand, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Virgin Islands (US), Zumbabwe followed. Isn’t this what you call a vast majority? So be sure that when choosing a classy winter skiing suit you’d still be all the vogue.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Ukraine matched rich blue and yellow colors. Brazil also praised sunny yellow and Latvia together with Netherlands liked bright orange more. Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Israel, Mongolia, Republic of Moldova, Uzbekistan were dressed in the blue uniform. Norway, using blue and white, looked very calm and relaxed. The blend of sun and sky in colors of the sport attire always works out well, even being not that popular.

France on the winter olympics 2014

Something new

Cozy patterned winter clothes usually was a priority of casual style. This time designers offered sportsmen technological sets patterned with traditional or stylized winter tracery. Those were seen on the Andorra, Poland, Russia (together with the traditional New Year look). Tonga had more Hawaii-style design, probably, just for the surprise effect.

It’s amusing, how modest grey uniform of Belgium blended perfectly with their national flag. Grey is used often in sport attire for track-and-field, as for the winter set it may be a bit unusual. Anyway, Chile, Togo also went for grey-red combination. We also should mention the independent Olympic participants, who had very modest greyish sets. Bermuda and Cayman Islands teams looked the most amusing, as even with the classy colors, they still were wearing… shorts. Czech Republic also had unusual custom sets with tracery, while Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Venezuela and Iran decided to use the energetic rainbow colors.

Germany on the winter olympics

National taste

Olympic Games is a perfect chance to make the world acknowledge different cultures and traditions. Chinese Taipei honored their culture by sportsmen wearing ultra blue capes, that are common as a national clothes of the country. Ireland also made everyone understand that they are proud of their country, by being dressed in the “national” dark green color. This color also was noticed on the sportsmen from British Virgin Islands. United States of America didn’t puzzle themselves too long with the pattern and humbly used the national flag coloring.

Representatives from France and Spain decided to prove their status of fashion icons and dressed themselves in grey-beige casual stylized clothes. The rebellious spirit is felt here. However, Mexico also underlined their merit – handsome and strong men – by dressing the athletes in a stylized winter tuxedoes.