3 young girls in trendy summer clothes

Where does the style come from?

We often speak of style and fashion without making any difference between these two words. However, they represent different things. Fashion is changeable, while style is something that every person has and what cannot be taken away from them. Style may also be changed, but it happens only due to our own will and preferences. Of course, our thoughts and tastes are also influenced by loads of factors. We often say: “Stylish!” about absolutely different outfits, so what is also obvious – there are different styles, which coexist at the same time. One may not be all the vogue, but everyone should have original and recognizable style of their own.

How do we form our own style?

We know well where to get information about fashion – mannequin parades, fashion magazines, latest music videos and shows etc. And where do we get our style? Everything that we see around influences our sense of beauty. People, whose appearance we make like or not, nature, animals… even books we read leave a trace on the way we look. In fact, even when watching fashion shows people tend not imply the images seen directly on their own style, but adjust them according to their tastes.

Everyone has some preferences in appearance, which may not always be easily accepted by others. This is the proof that we all are different. It’s not that easy sometimes – to be tolerant to second tastes. How often have you heard such words: “Oh that is not fashion, it’s horror!”? One just has to remember that fashion is also an art and not only mentoring how to look up-to-date. Does everyone understand every single piece of art they see? Of course, not, because our view on aesthetics differs from the one of our neighbor.

4 women in stylish dresses

To style or not to style?

So should I create and preserve my own style or is it better to stick to someone else’s opinion? There can be only one answer to this question: be yourself! Genuine artwork costs a lot more than a good looking copy. Fashion is changeable, while the styles that were created exist no matter what color is in vogue this season. So it’s even more important to be aware how to form matching sets from clothes and accessories, then only follow the latest collections.

Defining personal style can also help to form ideal wardrobe easily. There are some strict aesthetical rules what colors go well together, which shoes to match with a clutch and so on. Knowing them makes shopping easier and to some extent even saves money. So, buy what you like, wear it and be proud of your own original taste!