4 young women in summer dresses

Women clothing trends for spring and summer 2014

Spring and summer are associated with warm weather, going out a lot and with new clothes. Light dresses, tops and skirts are usual summer garments. We have decided to meet up with summer clothing trendsetter the help of two famous clothing brands, Stefanel and Stradivarius.

Summer dresses by Stefanel

Women usually are tend to have new fashionable dresses for upcoming warm seasons.

We are having a look at trendy dresses with popular brand of clothing for ladies, Stefanel. Trendy directions for spring and summer 2014 include a lot of blue color, popular materials are cotton and cashmere. Designers use elegant and natural materials, combine some materials in one dress for better effect.

Blue matches with black, sand and white perfectly.

Designers’ fantasies go to lines, patterns and jacquards features.

The fresh collection by Stefanel for spring and summer 2014 includes several basic models with different types of necklines in solid colors.

Stefanel collection includes both long and short dresses, but they all have prints on plain background.

One can find find various models such as a tube dress of medium length with long sleeves and lurex jacquard print patterns, a lot of printed sleeveless short dresses.

4 young women in stylish clothingStradivarius summer garments

Stradivarius collection for summer includes a lot of bright clothing items and accessoiries.

This manufacturer expresses latest trends in various images, helping to look stylish. They create a romantic look with ladylike dresses, glam rock look with the help of leather and studs, their fresh models have a great number of prints for a vintage image.

The fresh collection by Stradivarius offers outfits for many different occasions.

The diversity of tops includes a wide range of blouses, light, tank tops, tops and t-shirts with prints and patterns such as flowers and stripes, transparent models.

You meet up with stylish short dresses as well. The trends for them are

steeped prints, the most popular of them are stripes and houndstooth; classic combination of black and white colors.

Such details as simple lines, three-quarter sleeves, transparency will be extra fashionable during upcoming warm and hot seasons.

The collection includes a lot of black garments as well.

Dresses and skirts by Stradivarius have soft shapes, include lace elements. Printed pattern are chic for the season.

Choose new garments and meet up spring and sumer 2014 looking stylish!