spring trendy pastels

Bright and light outfits in spring 2014

Finally the spring season has come. In fact it has happened not only because of the dates in our calendars but in everything in the air: the days have become longer and warmer, the bare trees are covered with the emerging buds and the colour palettes of fashion outfits become lighter. In winter people often wear not only warm but also very dark clothes. The main shades of the cold season are charcoal, black and navy. But when it gets warmer fashion lovers want to wear pieces in brighter and lighter colours.

Spring shades

This spring the pastel shades are on-trend. The light sweet colours make the outfits fresh and fabulous. Certainly everyone wants to add blues, yellows, pinks and mints to his look as much as possible. And sometimes the outfits look very strange because of the abundance of shades. Now we want to offer you several ideas how to make you look stylish and elegant wearing pieces in soft and bright spring palettes.

pieces in bright and pastel colours

Tips how to make your outfit elegant and fresh in spring 2014

  • Begin your wonderful day in a good mood wearing the clothes in one of your favourite shade creating a monochromic look. Choose the colour you like and combine the outfit paying attention to the intensity of shades. They can be lavender, mint, faded pink or any other. You can wear a pencil skirt and a trendy top, pairing them with high heels and a little handbag.
  • If your working day is going to be routine try on a classic dress in bright colour which doesn’t need additional embellishments.
  • You can combine a multicoloured outfit to impress everyone. But pay attention to the compatibility of different shades. Avoid dark colours. Choose various pastels, they can make you look elegant and stylish. Lemon yellow and dusty pink are wonderful combination.
  • On your days-off the outfit should be cheerful and fresh. Put on lilac skinnies, pair them with peachy or yellow top, add some pastel-hued accessories and you will look wonderful and very trendy.
  • Spring is a nice time for afternoon dinners and parties. So you‘ll often need a polish and chic look. The best choice is a bright dress with a light trench coat over it. Add amusing high heels and bright accessories for a perfect finish.

spring 2014 street looks

To be stylish and elegant in spring follow the basic rules: don’t mix too many different shades not to look ridiculous, look for pastels to fresh your outfit, avoid dark colours. Combine your clothes with bright flats or heels and don’t forget about the accessories.